Friday, December 11, 2015

Re-Enable Widgets Dashboard in Mac El Capitan

GOAL:  Enable the widgets dashboard in Mac El Capitan.  Apple disabled by default, but the widgets can be re-enabled with steps below.


1.  System Preferences

2.  Mission Control

3.  Dashboard dropdown:  choose "As Space"

The furthest left most desktop will now show your widgets dashboard.  Example:

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Fix Gray Exclamation Point Triangle in Gmail

PROBLEM:  Gray exclamation point triangle is showing up in the middle of Gmail.

1.  Setting gear  ( top right ) > Themes
2.  Select another theme

Close Tab in Google Chrome [Keyboard Shortcut]

Command + w

Closes tab directly with keyboard, without clicking the X in Chrome.
Specifically for Mac & Chrome.

Google Calendar: Keyboard shortcut to Save Event

GOAL:  Save a Google Calendar event from the details page with a keyboard shortcut.  

Command + s

This command saves this page without clicking:

Specifically for Mac & Chrome.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

BOOTCAMP missing from Finder in Mac OSX

PROBLEM:  BOOTCAMP is not showing up in Finder.  This is often after using the Bootcamp partition through your Windows Virtual Machine in Parallels Desktop or VMware.


1. Search for the app:  Disk Utility

2.  Click on "BOOTCAMP" on left side panel (which is likely grayed out)

3.  Click "Mount" (at top)

4.  BOOTCAMP now shows up inside of Finder

Monday, June 22, 2015

Format JSON in Chrome

GOAL:  Format JSON files inside of Chrome.  Flat JSON files can often be really tough to scan through.  This will add hierarchy and color formatting to any JSON inside of Chrome.


1.  JSONView: download from chrome web store

2.  + Add to Chrome > Checking... > Add

3.  Open JSON File (in Chrome) and view the hierarchical / colored formatting

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Download Facebook Photo Album to Mac

GOAL:  Download all photos from 1 album in Facebook.  For Google Chrome & Mac specifically.


1.  From Chrome > Open link to Download FB Album mod (chrome extension)

2.  "Add to Chrome"

3.  Go to your Facebook Album of photos to download

4.  Look for Facebook icon in URL bar & Click on it:

5. On pop-up > click blue "Normal" button

Note:  the chrome extension creates a custom webpage full of the photos from your one FB album.  Below, we'll save this webpage and all of its photos to your desktop.

6.  From this newly created webpage, type: Command + S

7.  Save As: Facebook-Album.html.  Format: Webpage, Complete.  Click "Save"

8.  The html & photos from that facebook webpage are now on your desktop in the Facebook-Album_files folder.

9.  Copy photos from the folder created on your desktop to your Mac Pictures folder of interest.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Change Image on Select Dropdown HTML+JS

GOAL:  Switch out an image on a webpage based off of a select dropdown option. [HTML + JavaScript]

<select onchange="$('#imageToSwap').attr('src', this.options[this.selectedIndex].value);">
    <option value="           49940.jpg" selected>Facebook</option>
    <option value=" 
    <option value="     logo-of-photo-camera_318-64651.jpg">Instagram</option>

<img id="imageToSwap" class="profile" src="">

See the Pen Change Image on Select Dropdown by Josh Wentz (@joshwentz) on CodePen.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Compress Large PDF Files for Emailing [Mac]

PROBLEM:  PDF file is too large to email.
GOAL:  Compress large PowerPoint / Keynote files so that they can be easily emailed.


1. In Mac, Open the "Preview" app

  • This process compresses the images in the document. The compressed images look the same as the originals when viewed onscreen, but they may be of lower quality when printed.

2.  Open the large PDF document

3.  File > Export...

4.  Quartz Filter dropdown:  change from None to "Reduce File Size"

5.  Save a document as a PDF file

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Gmail: Move Email Back to Inbox

PROBLEM:  There does not seem to be a button in gmail to move an email back to inbox after removing the inbox label or archiving it.


1.  In your browser URL, change  #inbox  to  #all

2.  Enter to refresh page

3.  "Move to Inbox" button will now show up