Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Executables vs Binaries

Not Executables vs Binaries... Executables = Binaries 
  • but Binaries does not always = Executables
TEXT FILE = human-readable
  • made up of understandable English words and numbers; high-level programming languages; typically ASCII Characters (maps 0s & 1s to English)
BINARY FILE = computer-readable but not human-readable, plural = BINARIES
  • chunks of 0s and 1s; series of 0s, 1s, letters that only machines can read (UTF-8, ISO-8859-2); must be interpreted by hardware; everything that is not plain text
EXECUTABLE(s) = a binary file meant to run an application; contains various headers, program code, and resource data that tell the operating system how to run the application
  • compiled Text into binary 0s and 1s meant to perform an app function
  • Linux extension ".bin"
  • Windows extension ".exe"

for Programmers

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Microsoft Word on Mac: Select Text to End of Document


Highlights/Selects Text from current cursor position to End of Document

Monday, January 13, 2014

Pop Up Box (Modal) with Angular JavaScript, Bootstrap HTML

CODE (in single file)

RESULT (full demo)

  • Couldn't get Bootstrap modals working, so I jumped to angular
  • Angular modal documentation didn't include all external references
  • Wanted bare minimum on modal pop up