Sunday, January 20, 2013

Add Command Location to $PATH in Mac/Linux

$PATH = all of the places your MAC looks for one word Terminal commands/apps
So that when your type a command into Terminal, like 'git', MAC will know where to look for it.

EXAMPLE (replace with your directory): /opt/bin

  1. Terminal
  2. echo $PATH
  1. Terminal
  2. Add at beginning: PATH=/opt/bin:$PATH
    Add at end: PATH=$PATH:/opt/bin  

export PATH=/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/games
nano /etc/environment

Change Default Font in Blogger

This is actually a Chrome setting, not a Blogger setting...

1.  Chrome browser
2.  Settings
3.  Show Advanced Settings
4.  Web Content:  Customize Fonts

The caveat here is that, though it does set your default font & size in Blogger, it also changes it all over Google.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Make Written Notes SEARCHABLE [Evernote iPhone App Page Camera]

Make ALL of your written notes SEARCHABLE.
with Evernote iPhone app, Page Camera

We all take notes in various notebooks, binders, or any piece of paper we can get a hold of.  Finding that one sentence or idea that you wrote from that one meeting or class from weeks ago is sometimes near impossible.

Ergo, Evernote v5 and...


-  crops page edges with light or dark backgrounds 
- corrects images for brightness and contrast
- detects the text in your hand writing & makes it searchableS

1.  Open Evernote iPhone App (v5+)
2.  Click Elephant logo (aka evernote home screen)
3.  Click Page Camera (highlighted in yellow below)
4.  Line up paper of hand written notes & snap photo

5. Check mark

Your hand written notes are now saved in Evernote everywhere (online, iPhone, desktop).

the BEST PART is Evernote makes that written text SEARCHABLE

Monday, January 14, 2013

Rotate Images in Evernote

Evernote DOES NOT natively allow you to rotate images.  This is TERRIBLE & needs to be fixed.  

FIX for JAN2012:

Evernote for Mac
  • Right-click the image you'd like to rotate and choose Open With > Preview.
  • When the image is loaded into Preview, choose "Rotate Right" or "Rotate Left" from the Tools menu.
  • Save the image back to Evernote by choosing "Save" from the File menu.
  • Your image will now appear rotated in Evernote.

Since the Live Update feature (described in the previous two sections) is not available in Evernote for iOS, the only way to rotate an image is to save it to the Photos app, rotate it using a third-party application and add it back into Evernote.
  • To save an image from Evernote to the Photos app, tap and hold the image to bring up the image-only view, then tap the action button (the small arrow surrounded by a square), then tap Save.
  • Open the image using a third-party app capable of rotating images. Adobe's Photoshop Mobile is a good, free app that can do this.
  • Save the rotated image back to Photos.
  • Open Evernote, choose the note you'd like to contain the rotated image and add it using the attachment tool (the paperclip button at the top of the note editor).