Saturday, March 31, 2012

AutoCAD: SCALE Using Reference Length


  1. Import PDF:  Drag & drop PDF from folder into AutoCAD window
  2. Type:  units
  3. Change: Decimal to 'Architectural'


  • The sizes are likely not right.  [5 ft PDF length may actually be 1 inch in AutoCAD]
  • Given a written dimension on the PDF, you want to scale the PDF image to the correct size in AutoCAD.  The default 'Scale Factor' includes unnecessary math.


  1. Scale button (or SC shortcut)
  2. Select objects to scale
  3. Click base point
  4. At the 'Specify scale factor or [Copy/Reference]' prompt, TYPE 'R enter'
  5. Select base point, then second point (of known length) 
  6. Specify desired length of that selection