Friday, August 31, 2012

Archive Trane Trace File

Trace 700: used to create whole building load calculations

  1. Close Trace (NOTE:  there is no option to archive a Trace file while a .TRC file is open)
  2. Open the Trace 700 Program (not the file)
    • "Archive an Existing Project"
    • OR File > "Archive Project..."
  3. File.TAF is created
  4. Use the .TAF file to backup or email all of the disconnected components of a typical .TRC file
Trace uses an Adaptive Server Anywhere SQL Database Engine, which separates the typical Trace components into separate files.  This the reason why Trace files have to be run locally (as opposed to a network drive) and why .TRC files cannot be sent via email, etc. by itself.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Best HTML5 Sites: Web of Possibilities

These are some of the BEST SITES which highlight HTML5 functionality.  They'll open your mind to what's possible on the web.

History of the Web

Chrome Experiments

Water WebGL

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Mac Lightweight Photo Viewer

Mac Alternative to Windows Picasa Photo Viewer

+ lightweight
+ customizable keyboard

...because Preview takes way too long to open

MAC: Changing Default Application for File Type

  1. Right click on file
  2. Get Info
  3. Open With (arrow dropdown)
  4. Select App
  5. Change all...

Best Facebook Album Downloader

+ Keeps photos in order!
+ Get to choose naming structure
+ Easy...
1.  Right click on facebook on album
2.  Download

This is a top hit on Google... don't choose it.
- Photos get downloaded in a random order.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Google Hangout Permanent Link AUG12

How to Create a Link to a Hangout in Future 
to make it easier for other not familiar with Google Hangout to connect
  1. Google+ Events
  2. Create Event
  3. Date: choose one far into the future, like the year 2020
  4. Event options > Advanced > Google+ Hangout
  5. Invite
  6. Click "Google Hangout" on the created event page OR copy & email "Google Hangout" link created for event
Also posted by: Singly, David Cummings