Friday, November 2, 2018

JIRA Shortcut: Search for any command

GOAL: Search for a certain command or field in JIRA.


Just press: "."

Tap the "period" button, that's all, and a JIRA search box will show.

Open Vector in Google Slides on Mac

Goal:  Open a vector file (illustrator or sketch or .EMF) in Google Slides on a Mac. 


1. Find your vector online ( - OR - Create your vector (Illustrator or Sketch)

2. Convert your vector to .EMF ( - OR - Save/Export your vector as .EMF

3. Download "Open Office" (

In Open Office:

4. Open the newly downloaded app "Open Office"

5. Insert > Picture > From file... > select your .EMF file

6. Right click on imported picture (EMF) > select "Break"

7. File > Save as > .PPT

In Google Slides:

8. File > Import slides... > Upload tab > select your new .PPT

9. Select your vector slide.  Your vector is now in a Google Slide!