Monday, January 18, 2016

Youtube Link to a Specific Time

GOAL:  Send a link to a specific time in a youtube video.


1.  Add  #t=10m11s  after your link

                 t = time, m = minutes, s = seconds

2.  Example: 

This jumps the person opening the link to that exact minute and second of the video.

Upload Audiobook to Audible

GOAL:  Import or Upload an audiobook from a CD or MP3 to the Audible App.


  1. Create an iTunes playlist called "Audiobooks"
  2. When syncing your iPhone to your computer:
    • Inside of the sync settings > under Book:Audiobooks
    • Select checkbox to sync books from that "Audiobooks" playlist
    • When iPhone is synced, the audiobooks transfer from your computer to your phone
  3. A new iTunes tab now automatically pops up in the "Audible" app