Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Make Written Notes SEARCHABLE [Evernote iPhone App Page Camera]

Make ALL of your written notes SEARCHABLE.
with Evernote iPhone app, Page Camera

We all take notes in various notebooks, binders, or any piece of paper we can get a hold of.  Finding that one sentence or idea that you wrote from that one meeting or class from weeks ago is sometimes near impossible.

Ergo, Evernote v5 and...


-  crops page edges with light or dark backgrounds 
- corrects images for brightness and contrast
- detects the text in your hand writing & makes it searchableS

1.  Open Evernote iPhone App (v5+)
2.  Click Elephant logo (aka evernote home screen)
3.  Click Page Camera (highlighted in yellow below)
4.  Line up paper of hand written notes & snap photo

5. Check mark

Your hand written notes are now saved in Evernote everywhere (online, iPhone, desktop).

the BEST PART is Evernote makes that written text SEARCHABLE


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