Server Jargon: Processor vs. Core vs. Thread

A thread is inside of a core which is inside a processor which sits in a socket on a motherboard of a computer or server.  WOW.  If you're a server beginner, this is one of the Wall Of Words you have to climb.

Processor = CPU = Central Processing Unit
  • Physically:  a tiny metal board with circuits and nano-sized wiring that sits inside of a "socket" on the "motherboard".
    • Socket = the slot the processor sits in on the "motherboard"
    • Motherboard = PCB = Printed Circuit Board for a computer/server
      • 2014 Support:  only 2 sockets / slots are in a motherboard
  • Sized by:  
    • Clock Speed = # calculations in 1 second before degrading (measured in 1million+ cycles/second, MHz or GHz)

Core = a processor inside of a processor
  • Physically: a small black box inside the processor
  • 2014 Support:  2-4 cores can fit inside a processor

Thread = a process = 1 terminal command
  • Physically:  No, thread's don't exist physically.  This is an abstracted OperatingSystem / Software concept.  Certain software languages can only run 1 thread at a time.
  • 2014 Support:  2 threads can run inside a core

I'm not a computer engineer, just a software developer.  This is my understanding as of May 2014.