Saturday, May 11, 2019

Google Voice "Voicemail to Text" Setting is Disabled / Grayed Out

PROBLEM:  The Google Voice "voicemail to text" or "Get voicemail via message" setting is Disabled / Grayed Out.

  1.  > "3 lines" (in upper left corner)  >  "Legacy Google Voice"
  2. [From "Legacy Google Voice"]  >  Gear icon (in upper right corner) > Settings
  3. "Edit" button under the number
  4. Change the phone type/category to "Mobile"
  5. Save
  6. > Gear icon (in upper right corner)
  7. Get voicemail via message > Turn On (slider now works)

Your phone needs to be recategorized as a "Mobile" number.  The "voicemail to text message" setting is likely disabled / grayed out because it's currently categorized as a "Home" land-line number.

Google recently changed the way linked/forwarding telephone numbers are added to a Google Voice configuration.  
  • If you add a phone telephone number via using the mobile Google Voice app, it will classify that number as a mobile number, which can receive forwarded text messages.
  • If you add a phone number via the Google Voice web page user interface (UI) at, then it will classify the number as a land line, which cannot receive text messages, so the text forwarding check boxes will be grayed-out.
Steps to find the "Legacy Google Voice Settings".


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